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法国维克(Virbac)制药集团 法国维克(Virbac)制药集团关注全球宠物和农牧家畜的健康。 该公司总部设在法国尼斯附近的Carros,是全球领先的动物疫苗和治疗生产商。 在其化学治疗学和生物制剂疗法分部,法国维克公司可制造约 3,000 种产品。除了疫苗以外,该公司的产品组合还包括兽医所用几乎每一种管理形式的众多抗生素、抗寄生虫药剂、抗发炎药剂、皮肤病产品以及眼科产品。 由于这家法国公司是动物疫苗的领先制造商之一,犬、猫、牛、马—大多数此类动物在其生活的某些时段均会接触到维克公司产品。 Founded in 1968 in Carros close to Nice by veterinarian Pierre-Richard Dick, Virbac is dedicated exclusively to animal […]

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AltiMed Pharmaceutical Company

AltiMed Pharmaceutical Company  At Teva Canada, we believe that all Canadians deserve affordable healthcare solutions. So we develop, produce and market generic pharmaceuticals, from diabetic […]

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Laboratoires UPSA France 法国玉莎大药厂

Laboratoires UPSA France 法国玉莎大药厂 one of  Bristol-Myers Squibb France, (BMS) 1994,Bristol-Myers Squibb is poised to absorb the French drugs and effervescent aspirin producer UPSA. The […]

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IMTIX SANGSTAT,France 法国赛达药厂

 IMTIX-SangStat, Lyon, France, one of  SangStat. SangStat Medical,one of Genzyme, SangStat is a specialty pharmaceutical company dedicated to improving the outcome of organ transplantation through a […]

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Promedica S.R.L. France 法国康密迪加大药厂 法国CLS药厂

Promedica France-Part of Chiesi Group 法国CLS药厂(原法国康密迪加大药厂,隶属于凯西制药集团) 1992,Chiesi acquired the French Promedica Group, giving it an entry into the French market, where new products will be […]

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Laphal Laboratories 法国纳化制药厂

Laphal Laboratories 法国纳化制药厂 LAPHAL Industries acteur de l’industrie pharmaceutique fait bénéficier, depuis sa création au début des années 70, à ses clients de son expérience […]

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Laboratoires Jacques Logeais 法国洛斯大药厂

Laboratoires Jacques Logeais 法国洛斯大药厂 Chiesi Group (Italy) acquired Laboratoire Jacques Logeais (France)

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Laboratoires Biocodex 法国百科达药厂

Laboratoires Biocodex 法国百科达药厂 Biocodex is an independent, family-owned French pharmaceutical company founded in 1953 by Michel Hublot and François Vallet.

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Laboratoires Besins International 法国法杏制药厂

Laboratoires Besins International 法国法杏制药厂 Besins Healthcare is a pharmaceutical company specialized in the development and worldwide diffusion of innovative drugs for the well-being of men […]

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Ethypharm Pharmaceutical Co Ltd 法国爱的发制药有限公司

Ethypharm Pharmaceutical Co Ltd 法国爱的发制药有限公司

Ethypharm Pharmaceutical Co Ltd 法国爱的发制药有限公司 爱的发——欧洲排名第一的创新型药物释放技术公司 爱的发作为欧洲创新药物释放技术的领导者,将成为大型制药企业的理想合作伙伴. Ethypharm, No1 in Europe for innovative drug delivery As the European leader in innovative drug delivery, Ethypharm asserts […]

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