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联合健康集团公司 Unitedhealth Group, Inc. (美国)

联合健康集团公司 (UnitedHealth Group) 是一家多元化的健康福利机构,致力提高健保体系的质量及效率。公司运用其资源于产品设计、服务提供和技术应用。公司透过旗下六家公司:联合健康保险 (UnitedHealthcare)、Ovations、AmeriChoice 、 Uniprise、 Specialized Care Services 和 Ingenix,联合健康集团 (UnitedHealth Group) 在全美50个州和国际间营运,提供全面健保服务予各领域的健保业者,其中包括:个人消费者、雇主、政府、商业付款人和中介人、从医生至医院的护理提供者、 制药公司及医疗设备制造商。联合健康保险集团的普通股在纽约证券交易所交易,代号为UNH。 UnitedHealth Group Incorporated (UnitedHealth Group), incorporated in January 1977, […]

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WellPoint, Inc. 美国Wellpoint健康险公司/康典公司/伟彭医疗

WellPoint, Inc. 美国Wellpoint健康险公司/康典公司/伟彭医疗 was formed when WellPoint Health Networks Inc. and Anthem, Inc. merged in 2004 to become the nation’s leading health benefits company. WellPoint, […]

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Magellan Health Services Inc 麦哲伦海峡健康服务公司

Magellan Health Services Inc(MGLN) 麦哲伦海峡健康服务公司是美国领先的多元化专业健康护理管理公司。Magellan Health Services is a specialty health care management company that delivers innovative solutions in collaboration with health plans, corporations and […]

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Endo Health Solutions Inc. 远藤健康解决方案公司

Endo Health Solutions Inc. Endo Health Solutions Inc. is a US-based diversified healthcare company that is redefining healthcare value by finding solutions for the unmet […]

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PharmaDerm, A division of Fougera Pharmaceuticals Inc. PharmaDerm is a specialty pharmaceutical company dedicated to developing and commercializing prescription products to treat diseases and conditions […]

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Faulding Pharmaceuticals Ltd 澳大利亚科鼎制药有限公司

Faulding Pharmaceuticals Ltd 澳大利亚科鼎制药有限公司 Faulding probiotics Australia are the best vitamins, capsules and supplements for your health. With acidophilus and lactobacillus in the supplement, the […]

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Almirall, S.A. 西班牙艾美罗医用药物有限公司

Almirall, S.A.  西班牙艾美罗医用药物有限公司 Almirall is an international pharmaceutical company based on innovation and committed to health,was founded in 1943. We are an international pharmaceutical company […]

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